Pizza, again

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I’m finally happy with a pizza-making method and recipe, and it’s no longer a huge production when I make pizza – it’s pretty stress free and most of them actually come out as circles, which has taken a whole lot of practice. Continue reading


Blenheim Palace Food Festival

For mum’s birthday this year we headed to a food festival at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. It was pretty giant and there was a great mix of places to get hot food for lunch and places that sold oils/sauces/salamis and other things to take home for the store cupboard.

My favourite thing was obviously pizza, but this was actually some of the best pizza I’ve had for a while. It was made by the Secret Pizza Society, who had a super fancy van. The pizza had gorgeous black bubbles on the crust and some top-notch salami on top. Big thumbs up.

Other highlights were a great hog roast by Orchard View Farm, and some amazing paella with giant chunks of gorgeous chorizo (will add a link if I find the name of the people).

You can see the website of the people who organise the festival here, so if you get a chance to go to one of their events then I couldn’t recommend it more!


I was really starting to crave pizza yesterday having not had any for a good couple of days, so I decided to make some. I did my favourite skillet-broiler method (first time with my cast iron pan) and it was all so lovely and easy. I used loads of semolina flour on the outside of the crust so it really crisped up and was glorious.

But of course the real exciting addition this time was the soppressata I topped it with. Soppressata is an Italian salami that makes a pretty great pepperoni alternative, and I’ve been looking for it for aaages so I was super excited to see it in Waitrose.

Here are all the recipes I used:

Oven Pizza

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For a while now I’ve thought that either a frying pan or a BBQ are the best things to cook a pizza in, so I haven’t made pizza in the oven for quite a while now.

I thought it was time to give it another go, so I used a piece of steel that I preheated for a very long time, and cooked the pizza on that on the top shelf of the oven before moving it to the grill to finish it off.

This one is the second one I made – the first was a bit less photogenic after I made quite a big hole in it as I was getting it into the oven!

Pizza Rolls

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A few weeks ago my boyfriend and his mum made some cinnamon roll/sticky bun things where they got a big sheet of pastry, piled it up with cinnamon and sugar and things, rolled it up then cut pieces off and put them in a muffin tin, and it made some spectacular looking sweet things.

Well I’m more of a pizza person than a cinnamon person, so I thought why not try this with pizza? I made it with some leftover dough right after I’d made pizza and it was so much easier than making the actual pizza!

All you need is some pizza dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella and a few toppings. You just roll out the dough in a big strip, pour on the sauce, sprinkle on some cheese and toppings, and roll it right up. Then you have a big pizza tube which you just chop up and pop in a muffin tin. The cheese on mine went everywhere and looking pretty messy, but they tasted pretty good and made me very happy the next day when I took them out at work for lunch.


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This week I’ve been carrying on only cooking things that can be cooked in my cast iron pan so I ended up making pizza (again). I’d seen this recipe on Serious Eats a while ago and wanted to try it, as I’ve tried making pan pizza a few times but can’t manage to get a crispy base.┬áThis recipe made some amazing pizza although I didn’t manage to get the base as crispy as I wanted so if any of you have any tips I would really like to hear them!

Anyway, I will still very strongly urge you to have a go at this one – it’s not a quick one (you need a day for your dough to rise, and plenty of time to get your oven screaming hot) but it is pretty easy and very delicious. Click here for the recipe.


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I was quite excited when I saw a recipe for Quesadilla Pizzas (or Pizzadillas) on Serious Eats last week, and since I had lots of lovely leftover tomato sauce from my pasta the other day, I decided to have a go.

It was all quite messy and there was a fair bit of cleaning needed afterwards (melted cheese EVERYwhere), but other than that it made a pretty quick and outrageously tasty lunch. Have a go!