Pizza, again

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I’m finally happy with a pizza-making method and recipe, and it’s no longer a huge production when I make pizza – it’s pretty stress free and most of them actually come out as circles, which has taken a whole lot of practice. Continue reading



I was really starting to crave pizza yesterday having not had any for a good couple of days, so I decided to make some. I did my favourite skillet-broiler method (first time with my cast iron pan) and it was all so lovely and easy. I used loads of semolina flour on the outside of the crust so it really crisped up and was glorious.

But of course the real exciting addition this time was the soppressata I topped it with. Soppressata is an Italian salami that makes a pretty great pepperoni alternative, and I’ve been looking for it for aaages so I was super excited to see it in Waitrose.

Here are all the recipes I used:


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I have a new cast iron pan which I am very very excited about, so I’m currently dedicating quite a lot of time to finding every cast iron pan recipe I can. So naturally I’ve been spending quite a long time on Serious Eats, and this one is yet another recipe from there. These were meant to be garlic knots packed together in there but due to my poor mixing skills they quickly became totally unknotted, so I went for dough balls instead. I can’t say that it was the easiest thing in the world to make first time round, but I’m sure it would be a breeze after a bit of practice and it really does make amazing sharing bread. Recipe here.