Blenheim Palace Food Festival

For mum’s birthday this year we headed to a food festival at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. It was pretty giant and there was a great mix of places to get hot food for lunch and places that sold oils/sauces/salamis and other things to take home for the store cupboard.

My favourite thing was obviously pizza, but this was actually some of the best pizza I’ve had for a while. It was made by the Secret Pizza Society, who had a super fancy van. The pizza had gorgeous black bubbles on the crust and some top-notch salami on top. Big thumbs up.

Other highlights were a great hog roast by Orchard View Farm, and some amazing paella with giant chunks of gorgeous chorizo (will add a link if I find the name of the people).

You can see the website of the people who organise the festival here, so if you get a chance to go to one of their events then I couldn’t recommend it more!


Almost Paella

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A few days ago we had a bunch of people come for dinner and I needed something easy and cheap to cook so I gave paella another whirl. It wasn’t exactly paella because there was no seafood, and to save a bit of money I put pork in instead of chicken, which actually turned out pretty good. I didn’t measure anything, and have very little concept of how much rice grows, so ended up making enough to feed about 50 people, so I think I’ll be spending a very long time eating the leftovers now.

I’d love to be able to give you a recipe but I really have no idea how much of anything I put in so maybe I’ll have to have a go at that another day. But if you’re looking for a nice easy supper this week that doesn’t cost the world and isn’t crazy unhealthy – this is the way to go.


I made paella, my ultimate Saturday dinner. I think the last time I made paella was in middle school when I vaguely remember my friend and I making her mum ill with uncooked prawns…I skipped the prawns this time and it went much better. Also, I got this mediterranean¬†bread from the co-op to have with it and MAN it was nice, so I guess co-op has its good points.

IMG_1064 IMG_1073

Also a quickie plug for my brother’s new blog (we’re now a complete blogging family). He has a LOT of opinions on all things sporty and I expect there’ll be all sorts of posh food up there soon so knock yourself out (not literally please).