Onion Bhaji

I’m not posting this because it’s the best thing I’ve ever cooked but I’m posting it because I just thought it was a bit exciting. I’ve wanted to try making onion bhajis for years and finally got round to it with Josh the other day. We combined a few recipes from online but didn’t use the right flour and didn’t exactly follow the right method. So they weren’t the best onion bhajis I’ve ever tasted but they were definitely passable, and a good place to start. I will make it my ambition this summer to perfect it and eventually get a recipe up.



Quiche is another thing on a long list of things I’ve wanted to make for ages but never got round to. I ended up on YouTube one day watching this video, and the guy just made it look so easy that I thought I ought to try it.

It was pretty easy apart from a couple of super-sticky dough issues, and the filling came out really well – the custard part was great. I put two of my favourite things in – bacon and leek – so it couldn’t go too far wrong. Another great summery lunch.


I was really starting to crave pizza yesterday having not had any for a good couple of days, so I decided to make some. I did my favourite skillet-broiler method (first time with my cast iron pan) and it was all so lovely and easy. I used loads of semolina flour on the outside of the crust so it really crisped up and was glorious.

But of course the real exciting addition this time was the soppressata I topped it with. Soppressata is an Italian salami that makes a pretty great pepperoni alternative, and I’ve been looking for it for aaages so I was super excited to see it in Waitrose.

Here are all the recipes I used:

Chicken and Leek Crumble

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I did a post a while back about savoury crumbles but since I’m having a big leek phase at the moment, I thought I’d do a repeat crumble post but with leek in this time. We had some leftover chicken after a big roast, so I chopped it up, mixed it with some leeks, bacon, gravy and cream, then sprinkled some crumble over the top (half butter, half flour, rubbed together until it’s crumble). Then I popped it in the oven. Simple!

And don’t be weirded out by having crumble as a savoury thing. It’s pretty great.

Chorizo and Flower Sprout Spicy Pasta

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The star of this show is the flower sprout. Until about two minutes ago, I thought flower sprouts were just off-cuts from sprouts. Somehow I this made me feel much better for never eating sprouts at Christmas since I’m willingly eating these almost-sprouts now, right?

Well, I just had a little google, and it turns out flower sprouts have their own website (why do no other vegetables get their own website?!), and it also turns out that some clever person actually just invented them, and they’re like a brussel sprout/kale crossbreed type thing. Oh, and apparently they’re a superfood.

So anyway, I think that means you can feel very virtuous about eating this quick and easy pasta dish which doesn’t taste like proper health food, because honestly, I wouldn’t be eating it if it did.

Here’s the recipe I (very roughly) used, from a Waitrose recipe card.

Rajasthani Red Meat

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Sometime soon I might stop banging on about Madhur Jaffrey, but that day is not today. This time we had some leftover lamb so I found this recipe in Curry Easy – it wasn’t a super saucy curry but it was pretty spicy, pretty (very) delicious, and pretty easy to make, so this one is definitely being added to the roster.