Blenheim Palace Food Festival

For mum’s birthday this year we headed to a food festival at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. It was pretty giant and there was a great mix of places to get hot food for lunch and places that sold oils/sauces/salamis and other things to take home for the store cupboard.

My favourite thing was obviously pizza, but this was actually some of the best pizza I’ve had for a while. It was made by the Secret Pizza Society, who had a super fancy van. The pizza had gorgeous black bubbles on the crust and some top-notch salami on top. Big thumbs up.

Other highlights were a great hog roast by Orchard View Farm, and some amazing paella with giant chunks of gorgeous chorizo (will add a link if I find the name of the people).

You can see the website of the people who organise the festival here, so if you get a chance to go to one of their events then I couldn’t recommend it more!



I’m 21!!! On Saturday, I celebrated my birthday with a trip to Feast¬†with my parents plus¬†James, Dave and Theo. It was the most glorious combination of street food, fabulous London chefs, music, sunshine and deckchairs on beautiful green lawns, all crammed into Brick Lane Yard in Shoreditch. Between the six of us we managed to consume enormous amounts of food, but here’s just a few of my favourites.

Obviously I started off with pizza, so we headed to Fundi pizza where I got a beautiful wood-fired margherita pizza made right in front of me in about a minute flat. The crust was deliciously light and airy and basically it was just brilliant. I was going to go back for more later, but I was a bit too full by the time we’d polished off tacos, mac n’ cheese, a flatbread, ice cream and two burgers…

Next we went to the lovely guys at When Mac Met Cheese, who gave us maybe the cheesiest and sauciest mac n’ cheese I’ve ever tasted. They had three options on the menu but then a whole load of different things you can add, so we went for a plain mac n’ cheese with bacon lardons and broccoli. I was pretty glad we shared it between us because if I’d finished that myself that would have been me done for the day.

After a few other places we finally headed over to the one we’d been building up to – Patty & Bun. My brother has a list of burger places in London to visit that he’s gradually crossing off, and this just happened to be next on his list, so he was pretty chuffed when he found out they were going to be at Feast. We were just going to get one burger between us but I insisted we got a second without sauce, which was a mistake because it wasn’t as nice, and at this stage we were really struggling to eat any more and they were big old burgers. Anyway it was incredible. Like, really incredible. Juicy and beefy and yummy and wow wow wow. Go there. Seriously.

Finally, we finished it all off with a little trip to Pomp de Franc, where we picked up four of THE most beautiful cupcakes. We got a dark chocolate chunk, a red velvet, a raspberry and lime, and a banana and dime bar, which I didn’t try myself but my mum said that their homemade dime bar was to die for. The only negative was that we were too full to enjoy it fully.

If you come across any of these guys in London, try it! Try them all! I’m pretty sure I’ve never ever had so much good food on one day in my whole life.