Spicy Prawn Stir-fry

Guess what…Madhur Jaffrey is back in my life. This time I went for a Spicy Prawn Stir-fry with a Goan-style Dal Curry with some chapatis that Lloyd Grossman lovingly made.

The lentil dal was good but I put way too much tomato in which wasn’t great. The prawns took all of about 4 minutes and were absolutely delicious, so they’d make a really great summery lunch if you served them with some salad. All you need to do is put some oil and spices in a pan, add a bit of garlic, then put the prawns in and fry for a couple more minutes. But seriously, get the book.


Rajasthani Red Meat

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Sometime soon I might stop banging on about Madhur Jaffrey, but that day is not today. This time we had some leftover lamb so I found this recipe in Curry Easy – it wasn’t a super saucy curry but it was pretty spicy, pretty (very) delicious, and pretty easy to make, so this one is definitely being added to the roster.

Quail Bhuna

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I’m going to start this post by going right ahead and linking you a book on amazon which I am totally obsessed with! So here’s the book – it’s Curry Easy by Madhur Jaffrey and it’s been out on my desk since I got a few weeks ago because I don’t ever put it away. So here’s the big statistic – I have made THREE recipes from this book since I got it. Three! I’ve never made three recipes from the same cookbook!

For years I’ve dreamed about being able to cook Indian food but never really tried, as I thought it would be such a faff and take such a long time and so many ingredients. Everything I’ve tried so far in this book has been pretty easy, and importantly (for me), pretty foolproof.

This time I made a quail bhuna – not the bhuna curry you might be used to when you get an Indian takeaway, there’s much less sauce and it just clings to the quail. I’ve never cooked quail before but it was reduced to something ridiculous like £1.50 a pack so I gave it a whirl, and it honestly was pretty easy, and tasted really good.

I thought about taking the leftovers to work for lunch the next day, but I thought chewing saucy meat off a bone with my hands might not be a good look for the staff room.



I decided it was time to practice cooking meat because I’m a bit rubbish at it, and I really fancied something Indian tonight. So I did lamb leg steaks with a rogan josh sauce and vegetable biryani (which wasn’t amazing due to a yoghurt-based misunderstanding). I spent ages doing a lovely spicy dry rub for the lamb which you literally couldn’t taste at all when I put the sauce over it. Anyway it was alright really and I feel a teensy bit proud of it actually. Who knows, I might even try it again and get a recipe up.