Pizza, again

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I’m finally happy with a pizza-making method and recipe, and it’s no longer a huge production when I make pizza – it’s pretty stress free and most of them actually come out as circles, which has taken a whole lot of practice. My cast iron pan is totally perfect as it keeps so much heat, and I’m still using my favourite method of starting the pizza on the hob (actually topping it while it’s in the frying pan) and then putting it under the grill, which takes all of about three minutes when it’s really hot.

I made two changes this time which really helped:

First, I found that the cheese was cooking a lot quicker than the crust, and when it had cooked for a few minutes it merged with the sauce in a big orangey slush, so I started putting the cheese on half way through, which made the pizzas much better looking (I guess they tasted a bit better too…).

Second, I used the tomato sauce recipe that I’ve never been bothered to use, but oh my goodness the difference it makes. It’s based on this recipe from serious eats, but I will summarise what I did much more quickly (and sloppily): heat some butter, oil and garlic in a saucepan, stick a tin of passata in it, chop an onion in half and stick it in, add a huge bunch of basil, a pinch of sugar and some oregano. Leave it for about an hour and then fish out the onion and basil and it’s ready! Take a look at the actual recipe if you want a super amazing tomato sauce but if you’re sloppy and undiscerning like me then you don’t need to be too precise.

Happy pizza-making!


2 thoughts on “Pizza, again

  1. These look great! Are you starting by heating your cast iron in the grill or assembling the pizza in a cold pan before placing it under the heat? The former may mean a risk of burns during assembly but would kick-start the crust cooking so that the cheese and crust finish at the same time.


    1. Thanks! I heat the cast iron for about 5 minutes on the hob first and normally keep the flame on for the first minute while I’m getting the pizza in the pan/topping it, then turn it off before I finish topping (I normally check the bottom and will turn the heat off a little before it looks done so it finishes cooking the bottom from the still-hot pan while it’s under the grill) – amazingly I’ve had the bottom burn this way as once it’s under the grill it the bottom doesn’t cook very quickly at all! I sometimes even have to put it back on the hob at the end to finish off the bottom. Also, so happy to have found your blog!


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