Chorizo and Flower Sprout Spicy Pasta

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The star of this show is the flower sprout. Until about two minutes ago, I thought flower sprouts were just off-cuts from sprouts. Somehow I this made me feel much better for never eating sprouts at Christmas since I’m willingly eating these almost-sprouts now, right?

Well, I just had a little google, and it turns out flower sprouts have their own website (why do no other vegetables get their own website?!), and it also turns out that some clever person actually just invented them, and they’re like a brussel sprout/kale crossbreed type thing. Oh, and apparently they’re a superfood.

So anyway, I think that means you can feel very virtuous about eating this quick and easy pasta dish which doesn’t taste like proper health food, because honestly, I wouldn’t be eating it if it did.

Here’s the recipe I (very roughly) used, from a Waitrose recipe card.


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