Chorizo and Flower Sprout Spicy Pasta

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The star of this show is the flower sprout. Until about two minutes ago, I thought flower sprouts were just off-cuts from sprouts. Somehow I this made me feel much better for never eating sprouts at Christmas since I’m willingly eating these almost-sprouts now, right?

Well, I just had a little google, and it turns out flower sprouts have their own website (why do no other vegetables get their own website?!), and it also turns out that some clever person actually just invented them, and they’re like a brussel sprout/kale crossbreed type thing. Oh, and apparently they’re a superfood.

So anyway, I think that means you can feel very virtuous about eating this quick and easy pasta dish which doesn’t taste like proper health food, because honestly, I wouldn’t be eating it if it did.

Here’s the recipe I (very roughly) used, from a Waitrose recipe card.


Rajasthani Red Meat

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Sometime soon I might stop banging on about Madhur Jaffrey, but that day is not today. This time we had some leftover lamb so I found this recipe in Curry Easy – it wasn’t a super saucy curry but it was pretty spicy, pretty (very) delicious, and pretty easy to make, so this one is definitely being added to the roster.

Oven Pizza

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For a while now I’ve thought that either a frying pan or a BBQ are the best things to cook a pizza in, so I haven’t made pizza in the oven for quite a while now.

I thought it was time to give it another go, so I used a piece of steel that I preheated for a very long time, and cooked the pizza on that on the top shelf of the oven before moving it to the grill to finish it off.

This one is the second one I made – the first was a bit less photogenic after I made quite a big hole in it as I was getting it into the oven!

Quail Bhuna

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I’m going to start this post by going right ahead and linking you a book on amazon which I am totally obsessed with! So here’s the book – it’s Curry Easy by Madhur Jaffrey and it’s been out on my desk since I got a few weeks ago because I don’t ever put it away. So here’s the big statistic – I have made THREE recipes from this book since I got it. Three! I’ve never made three recipes from the same cookbook!

For years I’ve dreamed about being able to cook Indian food but never really tried, as I thought it would be such a faff and take such a long time and so many ingredients. Everything I’ve tried so far in this book has been pretty easy, and importantly (for me), pretty foolproof.

This time I made a quail bhuna – not the bhuna curry you might be used to when you get an Indian takeaway, there’s much less sauce and it just clings to the quail. I’ve never cooked quail before but it was reduced to something ridiculous like £1.50 a pack so I gave it a whirl, and it honestly was pretty easy, and tasted really good.

I thought about taking the leftovers to work for lunch the next day, but I thought chewing saucy meat off a bone with my hands might not be a good look for the staff room.

Pizza Rolls

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A few weeks ago my boyfriend and his mum made some cinnamon roll/sticky bun things where they got a big sheet of pastry, piled it up with cinnamon and sugar and things, rolled it up then cut pieces off and put them in a muffin tin, and it made some spectacular looking sweet things.

Well I’m more of a pizza person than a cinnamon person, so I thought why not try this with pizza? I made it with some leftover dough right after I’d made pizza and it was so much easier than making the actual pizza!

All you need is some pizza dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella and a few toppings. You just roll out the dough in a big strip, pour on the sauce, sprinkle on some cheese and toppings, and roll it right up. Then you have a big pizza tube which you just chop up and pop in a muffin tin. The cheese on mine went everywhere and looking pretty messy, but they tasted pretty good and made me very happy the next day when I took them out at work for lunch.

Daily Dinner – Sicilian Spaghetti

IMG_3544 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Having never eaten prawn pasta in my awesome life until a couple of weeks ago, I’m now doing another post in a row with rosy prawn spaghetti, this time with lovely golden crispy breadcrumbs on top. This time it was one I’d seen on Jamie’s 15 minute meals. I had some garlic/burning issues resulting in a smoky house and weird tastes. But otherwise Mina, it was alright. But it was super easy to make so will definitely try this one again.

Note: some friends added in some words to this post after I’d written it – can you guess which words?!

Daily Dinner – Prawn Pasta


This one is a quick photo from a few nights ago when my brother cooked this amazing summery seafood spaghetti with prawns and clams and a garlicky white wine sauce. A great idea for a quick weeknight dinner now the evenings are getting longer and sunnier.