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This week I’ve been carrying on only cooking things that can be cooked in my cast iron pan so I ended up making pizza (again). I’d seen this recipe on Serious Eats a while ago and wanted to try it, as I’ve tried making pan pizza a few times but can’t manage to get a crispy base.┬áThis recipe made some amazing pizza although I didn’t manage to get the base as crispy as I wanted so if any of you have any tips I would really like to hear them!

Anyway, I will still very strongly urge you to have a go at this one – it’s not a quick one (you need a day for your dough to rise, and plenty of time to get your oven screaming hot) but it is pretty easy and very delicious. Click here for the recipe.



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I have a new cast iron pan which I am very very excited about, so I’m currently dedicating quite a lot of time to finding every cast iron pan recipe I can. So naturally I’ve been spending quite a long time on Serious Eats, and this one is yet another recipe from there. These were meant to be garlic knots packed together in there but due to my poor mixing skills they quickly became totally unknotted, so I went for dough balls instead. I can’t say that it was the easiest thing in the world to make first time round, but I’m sure it would be a breeze after a bit of practice and it really does make amazing sharing bread. Recipe here.




One of the best things about our holiday was the clear starry skies every night. After a few attempts I was pretty chuffed to get a couple of pictures of them – they’re pretty grainy unfortunately but since this was the first time I’d ever managed to get a photo of stars, I was pretty pleased.


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I was quite excited when I saw a recipe for Quesadilla Pizzas (or Pizzadillas) on Serious Eats last week, and since I had lots of lovely leftover tomato sauce from my pasta the other day, I decided to have a go.

It was all quite messy and there was a fair bit of cleaning needed afterwards (melted cheese EVERYwhere), but other than that it made a pretty quick and outrageously tasty lunch. Have a go!