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My summer project is to take more pictures of water so today Susie and I went out in the garden and threw water at each other to try and get some interesting photos. The sun was not out and it was quite cold.


Five Guys

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Five Guys has opened in Birmingham!!! I was very excited so went with a bunch of friends (some more excited than others) for lunch today. We all ordered little portions of everything but still couldn’t finish even half of our delicious cajun fries. After we ate we drew nice little crayon postcards for their noticeboard. Here are pictures of my gorgeously greasy delicious cheeseburger.


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We’re waiting for the rain to hold off for long enough to get the BBQ out and start making some pizza outside, but in the meantime we kicked off pizza season with some skillet-broiler pizza. Big bro made some dough a couple of days in advance and we got ourselves a jar of nduja – a spreadable Italian spicy sausage which you can put on in dollops – and it made a pretty great alternative to pepperoni. If you want to get yourself some (and you should), it’s sold at Carluccio’s.