Emma Bridgewater

Happy New(ish) Year!

Way back before Christmas, my cousin (of note booking making fame) and I headed to Stoke to visit the Emma Bridgewater factory. For just £2.50 each we did a factory tour (and the £2.50 can be redeemed against anything you buy in the shop), and for £2.95 we got to use the decorating studio to make our very own Emma Bridgewater plates and mugs.

The factory tour was amazing and we got to see all the amazing pottery being made by hand and being individually painted by a roomful of girls at fun little stamping stations. We even got offered the chance to throw down our own clay onto the wheel thing but to be honest it looked like you needed stronger arms than my feeble ones so that was a no from me.

After the tour we headed to the decorating studio and chose from shelves and shelves of different pottery to paint. I went for a mug and a plate to give to mum for Christmas. You pay per piece of pottery you paint, but since they’re unpainted they’re obviously much cheaper than the regular prices. Beth did a mug and a small plate. There’s millions of different stamps to choose from, and you also have the option to paint directly onto the pottery (very bad idea). The great part is that if you do something you don’t like, you can simply scratch it off with a little scratchy tool and start over.

Beth is very creative so was very good at all of this and came up with really good ideas while I pottered about (geddit?) for about half an hour deciding what to do. A couple of hours later, I was eventually hurried out by Beth after finishing off my mug with a very very wonky line round the base, having, unlike you, not been told that painting directly onto the pottery is a very bad idea. Such was the hurry that I left my ring on the table, having taken it off so it didn’t scratch the mug while I painted. It was never retrieved. We left our pots to be glazed and sent to us two weeks later.

Anyway, I’ve turned this into a much longer story than it needed to be, so I will finish by saying that mum liked them and served mince pies on the plate on Christmas day, which looked delightful.

If you fancy a trip, here’s their website.


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