Wood Fired Oven

Although the sun and the scenery was all very nice, the most exciting part of my holiday this year was that THERE WAS A WOOD FIRED OVEN AT THE HOLIDAY HOUSE!!

This ranks in top ten most exciting things in the world for me, so I started to prepare a few days before the night we had set for pizza night by making some dough. The odds were against us from the beginning, since we speak zero Portuguese and had a fairly hard time working out the different types of flour in the supermarket. Then we couldn’t find any yeast (partly because we didn’t know the word for yeast), so in a controversial move, I went for a bread mix. This came back to bite me a bit later because when I was making the pizzas, I didn’t have any flour to dust the surface with, only bread mix.

Then I was a bit ambitious and decided I’d make a wet dough so it would be nice and bubbly, and ended up making a dough that was probably closer to being a liquid than a solid.

In the end it was a bit of a disaster really since forming the liquid dough into anything resembling a pizza was pretty hard, and I didn’t exactly know what to do with the fire, but several hours later we had made six pizzas, and even disastrous pizzas are still pizzas, so I was happy.


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