IMG_3716 IMG_3710I had some leftover pizza dough so I made some little pizzas with it. It was a bit quicker than normal because I just did the bases in a frying pan and finished the pizzas under the grill. I did put a little too much garlic on the marinara and it was still a little raw when we ate it…so don’t do that. Here’s a recipe (the dough recipe is basically this one from Serious Eats, but with a little more water).

PIZZETTE (makes 6 small pizzas)

  • 10oz ’00’ flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 heaped teaspoon instant yeast
  • 7oz water
  • a tin of plum tomatoes, blended (passata would be fine too)
  • 2 balls of mozzarella, torn into pieces

Mix together the dry ingredients in the bowl, then add the water and mix it all in (get your hands dirty) until it all comes together in one big ball of dough. Knead it for a few minutes until your dough is smooth. Cover it up and leave it on the countertop for the best part of a day, or overnight if you can.

Split your dough into six equal balls (make them as even as you can now, it’ll make them easier to shape later), cover them and leave them in a warmish place for a couple more hours.

Heat up a frying pan and turn the grill on. Meanwhile, take one of the dough balls and stretch it out over a floured counter. Stretch it (or roll it) as thin as you can without it breaking – don’t worry if you get holes, just pinch them back together.

Lay the rolled out dough in the hot frying pan (you might be able to get two in, depending how big they are. Keep it there for a couple of minutes, until the bottom is getting some black spots on.

Turn it over, and then start topping your pizza. The ones I did in the pictures are margherita (tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil), marinara (tomato sauce, garlic and oregano), and a white pizza (i.e. no tomato sauce) with mozzarella, parmesan and asparagus. If you use parmesan, grate it on when you’ve finished, because it burns easily under the grill (as I found out).

When the bottom side has some nice black spotting too, stick the pan under the grill for a couple of minutes until your cheese has melted.

Take your pizzas out and repeat for the rest of the dough balls.




Birthday Cake

IMG_3665 IMG_3681 IMG_3698My younger brother has always always always had a hedgehog cake on his birthday (i.e. the whole cake shaped like a hedgehog). My mum is the queen of the hedgehog cake but me not so much, so this is the slightly simpler hedgehog cake I made for Theo. We didn’t know where to put the candles on it so went for tea lights instead…

I used Mary Berry’s chocolate cake recipe which my mum has been using forever and neither of us have ever come across a better recipe – it’s chocolatey, moist, and stays nice for a few days.


With all the sunshine that’s been going on, we rediscovered the trampoline at the weekend, but this time we took a camera on. I think I’d quite like to take a picture of every visitor we have on the trampoline because it’s the perfect place to get brilliantly weird and ridiculous photos of absolutely anyone.



IMG_2774This is a papercut I did for some friends when they got engaged. As the date shows, it’s a little old now but I’ve been holding on to this post for a month until I could give it to them (just in case they saw it on here before they received it!), and they finally got it last week!



I’m 21!!! On Saturday, I celebrated my birthday with a trip to Feast with my parents plus James, Dave and Theo. It was the most glorious combination of street food, fabulous London chefs, music, sunshine and deckchairs on beautiful green lawns, all crammed into Brick Lane Yard in Shoreditch. Between the six of us we managed to consume enormous amounts of food, but here’s just a few of my favourites.

Obviously I started off with pizza, so we headed to Fundi pizza where I got a beautiful wood-fired margherita pizza made right in front of me in about a minute flat. The crust was deliciously light and airy and basically it was just brilliant. I was going to go back for more later, but I was a bit too full by the time we’d polished off tacos, mac n’ cheese, a flatbread, ice cream and two burgers…

Next we went to the lovely guys at When Mac Met Cheese, who gave us maybe the cheesiest and sauciest mac n’ cheese I’ve ever tasted. They had three options on the menu but then a whole load of different things you can add, so we went for a plain mac n’ cheese with bacon lardons and broccoli. I was pretty glad we shared it between us because if I’d finished that myself that would have been me done for the day.

After a few other places we finally headed over to the one we’d been building up to – Patty & Bun. My brother has a list of burger places in London to visit that he’s gradually crossing off, and this just happened to be next on his list, so he was pretty chuffed when he found out they were going to be at Feast. We were just going to get one burger between us but I insisted we got a second without sauce, which was a mistake because it wasn’t as nice, and at this stage we were really struggling to eat any more and they were big old burgers. Anyway it was incredible. Like, really incredible. Juicy and beefy and yummy and wow wow wow. Go there. Seriously.

Finally, we finished it all off with a little trip to Pomp de Franc, where we picked up four of THE most beautiful cupcakes. We got a dark chocolate chunk, a red velvet, a raspberry and lime, and a banana and dime bar, which I didn’t try myself but my mum said that their homemade dime bar was to die for. The only negative was that we were too full to enjoy it fully.

If you come across any of these guys in London, try it! Try them all! I’m pretty sure I’ve never ever had so much good food on one day in my whole life.

Summer Drinks

IMG_2996 IMG_3022 IMG_3021 IMG_3025The plan for this post was to mix up a whole load of delicious cocktails and soft fruit drinks for summer and put recipes up. I naively assumed that if I bought a whole bunch of fruit and lemonade then it would be pretty easy to make some great drinks, so I got strawberries, raspberries, a peach, lychees, a melon, and papayas. Turns out it was pretty difficult. Once you put cloudy lemonade in a drink, there is not a whole lot you can put in there that will make it taste of anything other than lemon. So I made quite a few beautiful looking drinks with loads of different fruit in, but that just tasted of lemonade. Which is fine because I love lemonade. Then there was one which was kind of a flavoured water, which was alright, and the last was a raspberry lemonade which actually tasted of raspberries but I’m undecided on that one. So I guess the take home message from this post is be careful with cloudy lemonade.

Happy Friday!


IMG_3086 IMG_3092Today we cooked dinner from a recipe in Waitrose magazine. This is the second Waitrose recipe that we’ve absolutely loved; it was called Spring Amatriciana and it was basically linguine, cherry tomatoes, bacon lardons, chilli flakes, garlic, mozzarella and parsley. Top marks to Waitrose.