Last night we headed to the Rattlesnake of Angel to hear the lovely Rose singing- here’s a little video of our evening (disclaimer: filmmaking isn’t really my thing, this was my best effort). The song is called Skyline.



On Friday, Rose and I wandered through Exmouth market looking for something to eat, and stumbled upon something truly beautiful. We ate at Santore, and aside from the waitress who was so nice that I wanted to be her friend, and the wood fired oven so big and beautifully tiled that I would gladly have tied a rope around it and spent days walking down the motorway dragging it behind me to put it in my back garden (had the opportunity arisen), the pizza was aaaaamaaaaaziiiiiiiiiiing. Photo evidence:


My fabulous margherita


I was absolutely loving life


Rose had chillies


Rose looking ever so slightly predatory. It’s entirely possible she might not want to be my friend anymore for putting this photo up. 


Bank Holiday Weekend

Along with what appeared to be every other family living in the South East, my family went to Ashridge on Good Friday for a walk in the woods. Even though there was still snow on the ground (weird), there was an ice cream van. In the afternoon I headed to London to record the violin part for one of my friend Rose’s song (it took quite a long time and quite a lot of auto-tuning since I haven’t picked up a violin for several months).

Here’s a different song of Rose’s to listen to while you look at the pictures:

If you like what you’re hearing and you happen to be around London next Monday (8th April), get yourself down to the Rattlesnake by 9pm to hear Rose playing.