A lot of food

I was set the task of cooking for 45 people at the weekend, although it then became 25, then 35, and I really have no idea how many people were there in the end so I just cooked a lot of food and hoped for the best. I didn’t get particularly good pictures of any of the meals, but here they are anyway.


This meal was the biggest disaster- the dough rose for too long, then the oven broke as we were preparing the pizza so we had some manic phoning people and going through the manual to try and make it work, and when we did manage to eventually turn it on it couldn’t get hot enough in time so all of the pizzas were a little underdone. Anyway the meaty toppings sort of compensated (when it comes to ham, tesco’s finest really is very fine).



I couldn’t get a very good photo of this one. It was a beef and Guinness stew, and it was very guinnessy indeed. I filled it out with potato and carrots and celery and stuff so it was a bit cheaper. I made some mac and cheese for the vegetarians and put the leftover mozzarella from the pizza in it and some green veg too and oh my goodness it looked so stringy and cheesy and delicious.


The last meal was fusilli arrabiata (couldn’t get any penne) although to be honest it wasn’t very spicy because I was a bit nervous of the chilli flakes because I’ve nearly burnt my face off with them before. There was also a ton of chorizo in it too. If the photo doesn’t look too appetizing, it’s probably because this is actually a photo of the cold leftovers! Didn’t manage to get the camera out while I was serving this one.


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