First vegetables of 2013…?

We’re stuck in a bit of a pasta rut at the moment at our house, so when I had to cook yesterday evening I could be bothered neither to think of anything different to cook, nor to actually cook anything that required more effort than pasta. But I’ve been starting to feel a bit bad that I don’t actually remember the last time I ate a vegetable, so I headed off to Sainsbury’s to try to remedy this. The resulting meal was flavoured pasta that I bought at the farmers market in L.A. (topped up with Sainbury’s coloured pasta since it turned out I only bought a tiny bag) with a white wine sauce and purple sprouting and black cabbage. It turned out pretty alright actually, apart from a pretty big error on my part of putting the two types of pasta to boil together, resulting in slightly overdone Sainsbury’s pasta and pretty undercooked and not very nice L.A. pasta (especially disappointing since I’d been building up to using that pasta since I bought it in SEPTEMBER). Nevermind.

IMG_0619 IMG_0622

But at least I satisfied the cravings for sweet things that I’ve been having all week:IMG_0634


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