I made paella, my ultimate Saturday dinner. I think the last time I made paella was in middle school when I vaguely remember my friend and I making her mum ill with uncooked prawns…I skipped the prawns this time and it went much better. Also, I got this mediterraneanĀ bread from the co-op to have with it and MAN it was nice, so I guess co-op has its good points.

IMG_1064Ā IMG_1073

Also a quickie plug for my brother’s new blog (we’re now a complete blogging family). He has a LOT of opinions on all things sporty and I expect there’ll be all sorts of posh food up there soon so knock yourself out (not literally please).


Manual Mode

I’ve been converting to using manual mode on my camera this weekend, so Bonnie and I made the most of the morning sun to get some more practice using it.

Winter Stew

On the way back to Birmingham yesterday we made a quick stop at Bicester Village. Although it was pretty disappointing for shopping (mostly because I didn’t have any money), we stopped by Jamie Oliver’s Fabulous Feasts for some food, and WOW. There was loads to choose from and I felt kind of stupid choosing a beef stew to have before lunch time, but oh wow I didn’t regret it. It had beef, carrots and potatoes in, and a mustard crumble on top which I’m now going to learn how to make. Also James’ hot dawg looked pretty alright, and it had a comic on the wrapper. Anyway, here are some pictures.

IMG_0910 IMG_0914 IMG_0935 IMG_0938 IMG_0946

Pizza, again


I FINALLY got round to making some decent pizzas! The reason I actually made them was because I was trying to work out what the cheapest thing I could make for dinner was, and this is what I came up with. Instead of clearing out the whole fridge to fit my massive mixing bowl in so the dough could rise for three days, I just left it out in the kitchen for a day which pretty much worked as well. They cooked in a pan under the grill (see here for method). Also I ended up taking 45 pictures of it (ridiculous I know) so it took forever to whittle it down to the final two here (basically Abbie decided).