Breaking New Year’s Resolutions

It turns out that when you spend your life in the library, there’s actually not that much to blog about.

Here are the two highlights of the last two weeks:


Number one, it snowed a bit. I took a picture which made it look like rain, but I liked it anyway. In other news, it’s snowing ridiculous amounts today, so expect more snow pictures later (I brought my camera to uni to take pictures on the way, risking probably frostbite because of the holes in my gloves. I was also late to uni)IMG_0227 IMG_0234

My cousin (plus husband and baby) got me a pizza pan for Christmas!! Especially useful since my stone broke, so I tried out a different kind of crust this week  which was amazing, despite the oven trying its best to only cook the bottom and leave the top alone. We ate it while watching Human Planet, which, if you haven’t seen it, is the best thing in the whole wide world.


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