Christmassy things

Went a bit crazy with the picture taking this Christmas but I’ve finally got round to sorting the pictures out, thought I’d post a few in the absence of anything thoughtful to say. 


Bone pie for Christmas breakfast- yes, that is a pie full of bones, don’t judge


Present opening, with obligatory Santa hat


Winner of best wrapping prize, even if the candy cane made my fingers sticky while I was opening it


Boxing day breakfast with leftovers bubble and squeak patties


The first cheesecake I’ve ever eaten- white chocolate with a ginger biscuit base…WOW


Two more facts from today:

1) I decided to spend a bit more of my overdraft on becoming a lifetime member of TopGolf. And no, I can’t play golf, but the membership card looks good in my purse.

2) Went to the cinema. Who’d have thought that Pitch Perfect would be better than Life of Pi? I didn’t, but it is.



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