Happy New Year

We’re 3 days into the New Year (although probably 4 by the time I hit ‘post’), and it’s 20 days since I last posted anything. So my New Years resolution which I’ve just thought of 3 (or 4) days late is to become a better blogger. I will continue to stray from my original idea of pizza blogging and write about whatever I fancy, be it Black Power, the weather, or, just occasionally pizza, and I will continue to babble on for nothing other than my own amusement, because if nobody else reads this then I’m fairly sure that my mum will, BUT, as of today, I will not leave twenty days between posts, and I will clog up my facebook profile with links to my blog and nothing else, so it looks like I don’t do anything with my time. And I’ll try not to write sentences as long as that one.

Anyway, that bit wasn’t meant to be so long. Here’s some pictures.

ImageNYEImageMidnight!ImageNew Year’s Day walk


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