Get yourselves to Digbeth

I’ve been on a bit of a mission to find the best pizza in Birmingham over the last few weeks. It wasn’t a particularly long mission; I could only find one place in the whole of Birmingham that serves Neapolitan pizza. But it’s very good.

It’s called Rossopomodoro and it’s in the Selfridges food hall (googling it will give you much much better pictures than my pretty awful phone pictures here- but it will also make you very hungry). The pizza was soooooo good (and not too expensive), and you could see them make it in a very very very beautiful gold tiled wood fired oven (anyone not sure what to buy me for Christmas…?). (I recognise that I used a few too many brackets in this paragraph).

Anyway, the point is, you really really need to go there. Here’s some pictures. – don’t go on it if you’re feeling hungry, it will make you cry.

Anyway, on my mission to find Birmingham’s ultimate pizza, I stumbled across the gem that is Digbeth Dining Club. It’s held every Friday at Spotlight (an old Warehouse unit in the middle of Digbeth), and basically they have a bar, a DJ and a couple of street food stalls every week. James and I went on Friday and grabbed ourselves some wood-fired pizza. Unfortunately we did have to walk for twenty minutes in freezing cold rain through the streets of Digbeth, but it was so worth it. Would have been better with a big group of people to make the trek a bit more worth it. Have a look at for the food line-up each week.

Bar in a warehouse…

She didn’t really have pink hair

James enjoying the ridiculous red lighting; we couldn’t even see what we were eating

THE PIZZA! It was glorious. Made by The Pizza Monkeys if you want yourself some of that delicious pizzery goodness


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