Suziey’s Baking Disasters – Part 2

My Day in Chocolate:

Took a little group trip to Cadbury World today. Went to the shop, thinking we might buy a couple of things each. I went with the intention of buying a couple of Fry’s orange cremes and peppermint cremes. This is what I ended up buying.

Essentially, we saw an offer for a free teddy bear if you spent £20, so we aimed to spend more than £20 jointly. Seeing all that chocolate in our basket spurred us on, and we spent £45. A successful trip.

The Baking Disaster

Thought I’d make orange chocolate mousses for pudding after our takeaway pizza, which we are currently enjoying. Now, I was told that chocolate mousses are very easy to make and nothing could possibly go wrong. Not true. While attempting to beat the egg whites with a fork, with little success, I forgot that the chocolate was in the microwave. It burnt, and looked like a bowl of soil from the garden. I persisted, and poured in the egg whites that wouldn’t go thick after ten minutes of beating. Would have kept beating but I thought it couldn’t be much worse so didn’t bother. Anyway, they’re currently in the fridge and don’t look awful- really it’s just chocolate and egg, how bad can it be?!

Also, I will shamelessly plug ,  because it’s his birthday and also it’s very good.


2 thoughts on “Suziey’s Baking Disasters – Part 2

  1. Did you get two teddy bears, as you spent two lots of £20? If not, go back and complain…

    I also have burnt chocolate in the microwave – nobody ever told me that was possible!


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