Bread, Boots and Baking Disasters

My weekend at home


St Albans market, yesterday morning


We bought A LOT there, the highlight being a sundried tomato and herby loaf, tasty.


Got some new boots. Here they are.


National Trust have made some pretty amazing looking greetings cards which double as recipe cards, which I stumbled upon at Cadbury World. Saw a nice looking one with chocolate swirl meringues on the front, so of course I bought it and gave it to mum as a Happy Friday card when I saw her on Friday. Attempted to make the meringues yesterday. For starters, it was a pretty strange meringue recipe, but I can’t really blame the recipe because mine didn’t particularly resemble the meringues pictured on the front of the card. So I made the mixture and started to whisk it until I got the thick consistency that was promised. Ten minutes later, my arm was aching quite a lot. Switched to the electric whisk. Another ten minutes later, still whisking a very runny liquid. Keep going. Ten minutes later, still runny. And now very bored. So abandoned my pre-prepared lined baking sheet and poured it all into a pie dish for a meringue pie. Last step was swirling a bit of cocoa through it, which didn’t really work because it was so liquid. Anyway, we came to try it today and it looked a bit like the site of a volcano eruption and eating it was a bit like trying to bite into a stone made of sugar. I’d say watch this space for attempt number two, but it feels like a bit too much effort.

What the meringues should have looked like…

…and what the meringue did look like. 

Cutting the rock

Luckily, my parents cooked up some better food this weekend:


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