We invited a couple of friends over for a make-your-own-pizza party. We used an idea from The Fabulous Baker Brothers book to part-bake all the pizza bases before and then when people arrive they can top their own pizza and put them under the grill for a minute or two, and it worked like a dream. The dough tossing went a lot better than the first attempt, when I threw the dough too high and it got stuck to the light on the ceiling and I fell backwards into the sink. One of the guests was allergic to cheese so it was the first time she had ever eaten pizza, so we had fun thinking of ideas for cheeseless pizzas and also I got the honour of being the first person to ever serve her pizza- it was a very proud day.


first day

Had another golden start to this year of uni. Managed to miss my finance lecture due to a combination of me not realising that my watch was an hour behind and also my belief that there were two hours between 2pm and 3pm- not true it turns out. To add salt to the wound, I had walked another student to the lecture I was meant to be at, thinking it was another lecture. It’s going well.

the ultimate pizza

Just about the happiest night of my life so far was spent at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in North Beach, San Francisco, eating the pizza that won the World Pizza Cup. I’d struggle to describe how good this was so I’ll just say that this was the best pizza I’ve ever eaten (and I’ve eaten quite a lot). It inspired me to start making my own, but sadly my oven only goes up to 250 degrees and I make holes in the dough when I try to toss it. I’ll keep trying…



perfect pork

Not a perfect picture, but this is just about the tastiest thing that I’ve ever put in my mouth. It’s at Taix in LA (old school French place in the middle of Echo Park), and it’s a grilled pork chop with a port sauce. The mash was incredible- we were convinced that it had some secret ingredient so we looked pretty stupid when we asked what it was that I’d eaten with the pork and got the response “it’s just mashed potato…”

here we go…

ImageThought I should get the ball rolling with some pizza. This was at Masa in Echo Park. The pizza was bloomin nice and the place was bloomin nice. Couldn’t finish it so they gave me what I had left to take home in a bag, which I absent-mindedly put in my handbag for later, only to have it thrown away at airport security. What a waste.